Stock Footage Gallery

Welcome to The New York Film Shop's Stock Footage Gallery. This footage is owned and was all shot by Russell Geltman in HD (1080p 24). It is available in any format upon request. Click Here to contact us about stock footage.

Aerial Footage                                    Fashion District                                             Rockerfeller Center / Radio City (ext)             
Broadway Marquees                        Guggenheim Museum (ext)                         Statue of Liberty       
Brooklyn Bridge                                Hudson River Waterside                              The Metropolitan Opera (ext)
Bryant Park                                        Museum of Natural History (ext)               Times Square 1/4
Central Park                                       NYC Skyline                                                     Times Square 2/4
Columbus Circle                                NYC Subway                                                    Times Square 3/4
Empire State Building                     Time Lapse Shots                                            Times Square 4/4
Non-Specific NYC B-Roll 1              Non-Specific NYC B-Roll 2                          Washington Square Park